Chantily Bengals

Pricing as follows: 

Pets : £1000 - £2000 ( Kittens are priced individually according to type, coat pattern rosettes, spots and definition.)

Breeder: (Cat with breeding rights to TICA registered catteries only  with a strict contract.)

Starting at £2000 (again prices range according to quality and can go as high as £2500 or more)

We will not sell pet quality cats as breeders but we will sell breeder quality cats as pets.
***We will not sell breeding animals to anyone unless the person making the purchase either is an experienced cat breeder that is registered with at least one major cat registry (like TICA), or, if the person is a breeder just starting out demonstrates sufficient knowledge of the breed, breed traits, breed standard and good breeding practices. The new breeder must also either have an experienced mentor or is willing to have us mentor them.

Show quality cats
These will be assessed as a show quality cat meets the Bengal standard almost perfectly. This is the highest quality of cat you can get. Show quality cats can also be purchased as breeders but the price will still be the high show quality price. Show quality cats occasionally will be made available as altered pets but again, they will be priced according to quality. Show quality is hard to come by and normally breeders keep their best cats for themselves. If you come across a show quality cat most of the time it is worth buying. A word of caution, beware of any breeder who says that most of the kittens they are selling are show quality. Cats that actually win finals at cat shows are not easy to come by. Don't spend a ton of money on a "show quality" cat unless you have someone very knowledgeable about the breed standard evaluate the cat /kitten you intend to purchase. Don't be afraid to ask questions about what a show quality cats should and should not look like. Most cats have a few show quality traits but you have to look at the overall picture to see if you truly have show quality. If your unsure, why not attend a few cat shows to see what the current show quality looks like. Ask any bengal breeder exhibiting and they will certainly help you to see what traits a show quality bengal should have.
Show quality cats are normally priced upwards of £2000. They average at a price of about £2500+